About me and about this blog

I’m James, a single (recently divorced for the 2nd time, although this time around it was very amicable), late-40s, part-time father of two who enjoys cooking.  I enjoy cooking not only because I enjoy good food and the process of making food that I have fun eating, but the process of cooking helps me to relax and to stay sane in an otherwise stressful life.

I mainly cook for myself – partly, as I have said, because I enjoy cooking and I find it relaxing, but certainly because it allows me to eat healthily (most of the time, but more of my love for the trashy dishes in life later), which complement my attempts to exercise and manage my stress levels.  I also cook for the two special women in my life, for my two kids, and for my good friends.

In addition to writing about what I cook and for whom, I’m likely to share thoughts on the music I’m listening to (I’m a big fan and supporter of South African musicians), the stuff I use in the kitchen and the restaurants I visit.

For more background on who, what and why, see my first post, with that title.


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