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Bacon and eggs – with a difference

Breakfast this morning was bacon and eggs – with a difference.

Although we were pressed for time, we both wanted something hot for breakfast.  I made something I’d made once before, based on a breakfast my father had made several times.

I put the oven onto about 180C, lobbed a few rashers of streaky bacon into a frying pan on a low heat, to start them cooking and to allow some of the water and fat to escape.  On a separate burner, I melted some butter to which I added some harissa paste.  Whilst that lot got going, I chopped some shallots and fresh chillies, then greased two Le Creuset ramekins.

Before the bacon got close to crisping up, I removed the rashers from the frying pan and used them to line the sides of the ramekins.  The chopped onions and chillies went into the bacon fat to soften.  The butter-harissa mixture got poured into the ramekins and swilled around.  I broke two eggs into each ramekin, topped them with the onion and chilli mixture, seasoned with salt and pepper, and sprinkled over some grated cheese (grano padano and pecorino Romano).  The ramekins went into the oven for 15 to 20 minutes, until the eggs were cooked (when they stopped wobbling too much).

If you have sufficient ramekins, this is a great way to serve bacon and eggs to a large number of house guests, as everything is cooked at the same time.